Friday, May 8, 2009

Suggestions for Carlton's next workout

Creative Loafing editor Carlton Hargro is doing a fitness bootcamp. Earlier this week, he talked about the need to find a similar workout once the camp ends. I posted his query on my Facebook page and below are a couple of suggestions from my Facebook friends:

Jarrett Gray:
Tell him to cut his calories back and keep doing cardio and light lifting with several reps...

John W Love Jr (who does guided meditations on Tuesdays at Center of the Earth Gallery):
The way for Carlton to keep things going AFTER bootcamp is for him to set up the structure for that time NOW.

If he NOW creates a ritual, schedule, and series of procedures that support the continuation of his bootcamp efforts then working out (cardio, resistance training, stretching, and enough variety to combat boredom and encourage muscle ... Read Moreconfusion), eating well (fresh fruits and veggies, good hydration, lean proteins if he's a carnivore, and no processed or "white" foods), and proper rest and reflection (plenty of sleep, meditation, some kind of spiritual practice, less tv) will be easier.

You know how it goes. It's that lifestyle change joint. If he makes what TRULY works for him the priorities in which he constructs his days, weeks, and life around, then there will be less room for the s--- that sabotages.


  1. It may be helpful to find a workout buddy to go to the gym or running with - someone who can hold you accountable. Lots of people will go to boot camp several months out of the year, and do different training in between to help build and maintain good workout habits. It's hard to go it alone! Get support.

  2. True. I'm trying to get him to do the bootcamp twice, but he's reluctant so far.