Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Carlton drops two pant sizes!

Operation Bootcamp Day 14

Carlton gave himself two big tests this weekend to see if doing Operation Bootcamp has been worth it.

The first was a visit by a female friend.

"That was my measurement," he said. "Would she notice I lost weight?"


"She was like 'Oh my god'," Carlton said. She told him "I used to not be able to wrap my arms around you."

Carlton denies he was that big, but admits he felt the difference when they hugged.

"I could feel her body," he said. "It wasn’t like some huge gut in the middle."

Carlton said he last saw his friend about two months ago. He's known her for years, and she always gently suggested he exercise. This weekend, she told him he was the same size he was four years ago. She also noticed his arms were smaller, which also made Carlton feel good. He said when you're overweight, people focus on your gut, but the fat is everywhere.

"It’s like a suit you put on," he said.

Now, Carlton needs new suits. Even if he wears a belt, a hard tug could pull his pants down, he said. (He said easy access could come handy on a date.)

Last weekend, he tried on jeans at the Gap. Before bootcamp, he wore a size 38. At the Gap, he said he fit a size 36 - perfectly.

"I definitely have lost weight," he said. "It’s a shame it took all of this to have me lose weight."

At least he had the determination to do it.

Is one bootcamp enough? from beermakesyoufat on Vimeo.

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  1. We hope Carlton comes back for just one more month... it will be worth it. If he doesn't come back, we'll all miss him so much we might just sit and cry instead of working out. Really though, he's made amazing progress - I can't wait to see how much improvement he makes on the PT test Friday. I'm hoping that'll be the motivation to keep him coming back for more!