Thursday, May 28, 2009

Strained groin on vacation

I spent my birthday weekend at Hilton Head Island, eating and drinking way too much. Sometimes you have to cheat a little to stay motivated. And I indulged.

Frugal McDougal has this great 18-bottle mix of Guinness, Harp and Smithwick's. I grabbed a box on our way to the beach. Saturday, we bought garlic king crab clusters at a little carry-out seafood joint in Savannah. Beer, crabs and homemade garlic butter was just what I needed to celebrate.

It rained everyday except Memorial Day. I was so excited about the sunshine, I ran sprints on the beach. For the last seven weeks, I've been doing an NFL sprint workout. Run 60 yards, rest 45 seconds and repeat seven times. Rest three minutes. Then run 40 yards, rest 35 seconds and repeat seven times. You keep doing these intervals until you're doing 10-yard sprints with 15 second breaks.

Somewhere between not stretching and sprinting, I strained my groin. No more sprints this week. I'm jumping rope instead. I might swim tomorrow. I have to be 100 percent for my flag football game on Tuesday. It's time for the playoffs, but we've had so many rain delays so who knows.

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