Monday, May 4, 2009

Carlton has anxiety about working out

Operation Bootcamp Day 4

Following Carlton Hargro's experience with bootcamp illustrates why some people avoid exercise -- fear.

On Friday, Carlton completed his first week at Operation Bootcamp. I thought he would be crazy excited: he didn't quit, he showed up everyday and he didn't die.

But, Carlton said he worries about the next day's camp. He worries about the difficulty of the exercises and how much it's going to hurt.

"I'm working muscles I didn't know exist," he said. "I'm working muscles, I haven't worked in 18 years."

On Friday, he did the Top Gun workout. Everybody had a partner and they stuck together for the cardio, split into groups for the strength exercises, and met in the end zone to repeat. (They worked out on a football field.)

Operation Bootcamp's Christen Lewis says she hopes Carlton's anxiety will decrease especially now that he's done four full workouts and hasn't given up on any exercises.

"He is really doing well - he is smiling and laughing," she said. "There is something to be said for that."

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