Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Carlton: This was the sweatiest

Operation Bootcamp Day 6

Whether it was the humidity, or the work out at Latta Park, Carlton Hargro said today's workout left him drenched.

At Operation Bootcamp they did strength training with exercise bands, ab work, core exercises, such as planks, and cardio.

The other day, Carlton said he liked strength training the best because he was pretty good at pushups. Then he did today's workout which mixed strength and cardio training.

The result?

"This was the sweatiest I've been," he said.

Carlton said he noticed the class size fluctuates daily. He understands why. In order to attend each morning, he said he has to be in by bed 10 p.m. Usually, he would be out with friends at that time.

"There's definitely a part of me that really is sort of like, I'm giving up pieces of my life to do this," he said. "But what was I doing in the first place? Something not productive."

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