Friday, May 22, 2009

Did Carlton run a mile?

Operation Bootcamp - The test

Carlton jogged around a stop sign at Latta Park. The finish line was in sight.

This time, Carlton Hargro didn't need someone to jog with him to keep him motivated. He was doing his one-mile run for the physical test on the final day of Operation Bootcamp, and he was determined to run the entire way.

The other Operation Bootcamp participants stood near the lamp post waiting for him.

"Sprint," his fellow campers yelled.

Carlton threw his head back and laughed as he jogged all the way to the lamp post.

"I was very happy," Carlton said. "It was essential to show that I really have gotten more in shape."

That's an understatement.

On the first day of camp, he sweat buckets of beer. Carlton finished the mile in 11 minutes, but walked halfway through it. Today, he finished in 9:34 minutes.
He went from completing 35 crunches in one minute to doing 72. Dips went from 26 to 60 and push up went from 26 to 47.

He's not resting on his accomplishment.

"I'm still going to keep this up," he said.

He wants to lose an additional 20 pounds. He plans to drink beer one day a week. He plans to continue eating six small meals a day, and eating more steamed vegetables. One day a week, he will treat himself to junk food like fried chicken wings.

And he's going to buy some new pants.


  1. what amazing results!! very very very cool... congrats carlton!

  2. GREAT JOB TODAY! It just goes to show hard work and dedication pay off! Again, we do hope to see you next month. I know you will miss it beginning next week!