Friday, May 8, 2009

Carlton gets agile

Operation Bootcamp Day 9

Carlton Hargro ended the week at Operation Bootcamp with an agility workout called Five-Star General. They did it in on the basketball court at Latta Park off East Boulevard.

"It was a mixture of strength and cardio, and it killed me," he said.

Carlton and the crew bear-walked, crab-walked and shuffled from cone-to-cone. At the cones they stopped for push-ups and other strength training exercises. Coach Jennifer Broome stayed on them today: she threatened suicides for stragglers, pushed them to sprint to each station and goaded them to ignore their pain and exhaustion.

Broome ended class with burpees, which are murder. You drop to the ground, do a push up and then jump up in a fluid motion. For Carlton and others, fluidity wasn't possible.

"My body was done," he said.

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