Friday, October 2, 2009

African dance class burns calories

If you're looking for a fun way to burn calories indoors without the monotony of using exercise machines, then a dance class such as this African dance class might be a good option for you. Read about the class on Qcity Metro.

Lashawnda learns African dance from beermakesyoufat on Vimeo.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Swanky outdoor fun in the Blue Ridge Mtns

I am so jealous of my Observer co-worker John Bordsen. He recently tried out Primland, a swanky outdoor resort lodge in the Blue Ridge Mountains. It’s a 14,000-acre resort in the Meadows of Dan, Va. north of Charlotte.

This place is phat. In an Observer article, Bordsen described how he went hunting, horseback riding and dashing through the woods on an ATV. I like all of those activities except hunting. I haven’t ridden an ATV since I went looking for marijuana fields with the York County Sheriff’s Department, but that was another lifetime.

In this lifetime, I’m drooling about riding a four-wheeler at Primland. And I emphasize dreaming because the place isn’t cheap. Lodging starts at $199 a night and goes up to $1,200. And horseback riding is $100 per person.

If Primland is too rich for your budget try these local alternatives:
Rides at the equestrian center at Latta Plantation Nature Preserve start at $20.

For your ATV needs, try Carolina Adventure World in Fairfield County, South Carolina, about an hour from Charlotte. One of my fellow motorcycle instructors raved about this place and I can see why. A day pass to use the ATVs and dirtbikes is only $25. Ziplining is only $5.

With these kind of prices, it sounds like Beer Makes You Fat needs to do a round trip. Stay tuned.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Thread trail provides a change of scenery

Ever tire of running the same route or biking the same greenways? Well, the Carolina Thread Trail could solve the cardio doldrums. The trail is planned as a 15-county Carolinas network of paths linking cities, towns and attractions spread over 7,300 square miles.

Many of us probably already use parts of the trail now without realizing, but that's getting easier. Earlier this month, Thread Trail logo signs were added in 11 communities over five counties to designate 22 miles as branches of the Thread Trail, according to a story in the Charlotte Observer.

So follow the signs and pedal through our neighboring counties.