Monday, May 11, 2009

Camper trash talks Carlton

Operation Bootcamp Day 10

For the first two weeks at Operation Bootcamp, Carlton Hargro's fellow participants have been sweet and encouraging. Today, Carlton endured some trash talking.

In this morning's workout at Latta Park, participants did agility and speed drills. Exercises included sprints along with high-knees, mountain climbers, backpedaling and burpees. The participants had partners, and Carlton's fired him up.

Carlton's partner said, "I thought you were a sprinter?"

(He ran track in high school.)

Carlton had a black girl moment, thinking "Oh no, she didn't."

Summoning his pride and his remaining energy, Carlton was determined to show her up.

"I had to dust her right quick," he said.

He beat her in the first sprint, but she edged him out in the second.

"It was all I had to beat her on the first one," he said.

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  1. I wondered what lit a fire under Carlton today! He knocked out some serious sprints. Everyone did actually. Not to mention it was pouring down rain... good workout all around. :)