Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I'm trying a new bootcamp

The morning dew soaked through my sneakers and socks as I jogged up a steep hill beside Crownpoint Elementary School in Matthews. During the hourlong Rock Hard Bootcamp by Jennah Hardy, the hill became my friend.

I joined three other women for the 6 a.m. morning workout. We jogged up and down the hill. We lunged up the hill and squatted up the hill. The squats killed me. Oh and then we did these walking lunges with a torso twist. That killed me too. The day's workout also included agility drills involving running around cones and rope ladders. Those ended with arm-aching barbell exercises.

So far the camp feels a little more laid back than Operation Bootcamp, but the intensity of the workout can be hard if you push yourself. Hardy uses the terrain and school playground equipment for the workout.

It's three days a week for three weeks. Hardy also offers evening sessions. On Wednesday mornings she does additional interval running training on the school's field. That's not part of the camp, it's just for fun. She also does runs after the Saturday morning camp. I have a meeting this morning, but I'm definitely going to join her next Wednesday for the post camp interval run.

Also, I'm not going to call out a certain friend who was supposed to workout with us this morning, but you know who you are. You've been swearing for a month that you're going to do a bootcamp and you haven't done one yet. Not even one day.

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