Tuesday, June 2, 2009

We don't love our kids

A recent news story shows North Carolina ranks fifth in the nation for youth obesity. Call me insensitive, but there is no excuse for kids to be overweight. Actually, yes there is - too many of us adults are overweight as well.

If we love our kids, we'll do more to keep them healthy. Letting our children sit around the house and eat junk because they're bored is inexcusable. We have so many parks from big ones such to small neighborhood ones tucked behind homes. We have greenways and bike trails. The Huntersville Aquatic and Fitness Center is doing a kids triathlon series. Many YMCAs and other fitness centers offer programming and activities for kids.

Along with making our kids become more active, we also have to feed our children better. Whether it's fast food or frozen food, we can't keep feeding them food that is high in calories, sugar and fat because we don't have the time or energy to cook. The Johnston YMCA has a free nutrition class for members on June 15 from 6-7 p.m. I'm sure other YMCAs offer nutrition classes as well.

Most of all, we have to show our kids how to be healthy by leading health lifestyles ourselves. It starts with us.

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  1. I wish families knew how many unofficial kids' programs were available through Parks & Rec and orgs like Girls on the Run, that do not cost a fortune and are fun, non-competitive and get kids moving. Active does not have to equal expensive, nor does it have to include cutthroat competition. I think so many parents believe that school team sports or really expensive private lessons are all that are available, and it's just not the case. You are right, with all the programs available that are free or low-cost, there's no excuse for kids to be sitting around the house, especially in the summer time.

    Good to know about the nutrition classes, too. If they could organize family grocery shopping classes, that'd be great - to teach parents AND kids what to look for at the store, and what to avoid.