Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Intimidated by the gym?

Meet a Union County woman who lost 90 pounds in two years without going to a gym. The Charlotte Observer wrote about Sarah-Emily Peterson who created a home gym in her apartment.

I know lots of people who buy fitness equipment, use it for a few months and then never touch it again. It takes a lot of self-motivation to workout at home. Kudos to Sarah-Emily Peterson.

If you find the gym to be intimidating, too crowded or too expensive then consider creating a gym at home. Start with finding a workout plan to determine what type of equipment you need. On Men's Health's site, click on workouts. Also look at their Belly Off and The 300 workout. At Sparkle People, you can create a custom workout by answering a few questions. Click on fitness then workout generator. At Shape's site click on fitness and weight training 101.
You can also check the local library for fitness DVDs, and many of the sites mentioned above have podcasts and videos.

If you live in an apartment complex or a subdivision with a fitness room, you can use the available equipment. Depending on when you go, those fitness centers can be as private as working out at home - without the interruptions of loved ones.

If you're starting your own gym, look at Craigslist sporting goods listings. Also check garage and moving sales for weight benches, dumbbells and cardio machines.


  1. great, you should go to the gym or running!

  2. I'm not intimidated by the gym because I use to go to the gym everyday, but imagine arriving to the gym and seeing a woman like that, I think I wouldn't do anything because I'd focus my attention in that woman.m10m