Monday, August 10, 2009

Up the steps and through the woods

There are two ways to hike up Stone Mountain. The hard way and the harder way.

On Saturday afternoon, we chose the hard way - the 4.5 mile Stone Mountain Loop trail. During the two-hour hike up, we passed brooks and splashed through creeks. We lingered at the big waterfall, and raced up a flight of stairs.

We finished our frolicking at the 2,305 summit overlooking tree tops and listening to the waterfall hundreds of feet below. It was so quiet up there. A flock of really big birds soared by.

If you go: Stone Mountain has numerous trails. We parked in the Lower Lot. If you take the trail to the right you will pass the waterfalls. It takes about two hours. If you take the trail to the left from the upper lot, it's a shorter distance, but it's more strenuous. You can also park in the Upper Lot for a shorter hike - assuming you go in he correct direction. The park also has nice camping facilities for tent and RV camping. It's only about an our north of Charlotte up I-77. Easy day trip.

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