Friday, August 7, 2009

Graduation day at bootcamp

Day 5: Sgt. Roy's Bootcamp - Graduation

I'm participating in Sgt. Roy's Bootcamp. It's a one-week intense exercise program lead by Sgt. Roy Lewis, a real Army drill sergeant.

It was the last day of bootcamp, but Sgt. Roy didn't go easy on us. One woman was late, and she had to do 10 push-ups during warm up.

After warm-ups we moved out onto the field. We formed a huge circle. Each of us had a piece of paper with an exercise on it. We performed the exercise until he said stop, then we moved to the right and did the next exercise. The exercises included mountain climbers, jumping jacks, pushups and about half dozen more.

After we did three minutes of exercises, he would stop us and make us do an agility drill. We ran through rings, around corners and through an exercise ladder. Then it was back to the circle for more exercises.

My legs screamed. I totally have second-day muscle soreness from climbing the steps on Wednesday.

After we finished and did a cool down, Sgt. Roy handed out certificates. He gave us another pep talk about motivation, and shared some of the personal struggles he's endured, such as being laid off three teams and his daughters illness.

We also got some goodies from Murray Fitness. Sgt. Roy will be hosting another bootcamp next month. Maybe I'll see you there.

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