Wednesday, April 29, 2009

David Poole's death is time to reflect

The sudden death of Charlotte Observer NASCAR columnist David Poole made me evaluate my life and health. Poole was only 50, and he loved his job and his family.

I do to, but in these stressful times work overshadows everything. I've spent the last few years consumed with work and I neglected my health. Now, I work with the constant fear I could join the ranks of the unemployed. It's crazy.

As Sophia said in The Color Purple: "It ain't worth it. It ain't worth it."

In Charlotte, police have seen an increase in suicide threats and attempts this year compared to last year. At the same time, wholistic healing practitioners have seen an increase in business. And the YMCA reports usage has increased.

These days, I've readjusted my attitude toward work. I have no gray hairs, and my goal is not to get any because of stress.

I used Men's Health's Belly Off program to rejuvenate my workout. I attended meditation classes at Myers Park Baptist Church through the Vajradhara Buddhist Meditation Center of Charlotte to get my mind right. Once I get used to my new work schedule, I'll return to yoga. (I promise Phyllis, I'm coming back.)

What are you doing to stay healthy mentally and physically?

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